Pulsar Pro

Pulsar Pro

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About this item:

  • 200 FPS
  • Hard to find
  • Includes safety glass
  • Gel beads included

Product Description :

Hydro Strike Pulsar Pro Gel Bead Blaster — a motorized gel blaster for players with style. Take your game the ultimate distance with the Pulsar Pro. This blaster is designed to launch Gel-Tek beads up to 200 feet per second! The Pulsar Pro comes stocked with roughly 5,000 dehydrated Gel-Tek beads; simply soak them in water for up to 4 hours, add them into the blaster, then launch them through the air. The beads burst on impact for blaster action without the clean-up. The 7.5mm universal Gel-Tek beads are also compatible with most standard gel bead blasters. Featuring a rechargeable battery pack and a 500-round Gel-Tek cartridge, the Pulsar Pro is designed to keep players on the field for hours of action. It’s also packed with impressive upgrades, with both full-auto and semi-auto modes, 2 sights, and an adjustable shoulder stock. The set includes Hydro Strike protective eyewear to keep players safe on the field, as well as a Gel-Tek bead storage container.